Calling all entrepreneurs ready to earn more $$$ so YOU can do more of what YOU love and transform the way YOU do business...

(WITHOUT working 24/7 or hustling your hiney off to get sales...)


Talented service-provider with a can-do attitude and an unshakable drive to succeed…



The big business gurus telling you that you need to do this thing and this thing -- oh, AND this thing too! -- to transform your business into the profit-generating machine you’ve been dreaming about.



If you had more money, you could stop working 12+ hour days, start taking care of yourself better, and focus your creative energy on the things in your business that you enjoy most.

Instead of what you do now, which is...

  • Constantly stressing about where your next paying client is coming from
  • Running yourself ragged trying to do $15/hour tasks that you should be hiring an assistant for, but that you don’t have the income to outsource yet
  • Never being able to enjoy a good business month, because you’re always worrying about what things will look like next month

THE TRUTH IS... You have big dreams for your business, but right now, you’re struggling to turn them into reality.

This is what nobody’s telling you when it comes to generating the cash you want and bringing your business vision to life:

And to know how to sell successfully,
you need to be clued into these 4 facts:

1. Mindset matters when it comes to selling...

… which is why you might have tried “foolproof” tactics recommended by others and not seen amazing results.

If you want to be truly successful at selling, the greatest gift you can give yourself is a positive mental mindset, and stop letting negativity and fear get in the way of creativity and taking action.


2. You don’t have to be pushy or pretend to be someone you’re not in order to sell…

… because sales is NOT a manipulative battle: it's a conversation, a value-based offer, and a relationship.

Once you have the confidence to own who you are and what you’re about, and focus on helping rather than selling, you can get ready to see your business revenue soar.


3. There are simple, non-time-consuming strategies you use to quickly make more sales...

… without spending hours creating more free content or drastically slashing your prices.

You don’t have to be an experienced salesperson, networking pro, or outgoing extrovert in order to implement these strategies successfully. These methods can -- and do -- work for ANYONE.


4. Your work is likely worth a hell of a lot more than what you’re charging for it…

… and you not only CAN, but SHOULD raise your prices.

So many entrepreneurs get stuck around pricing, and worry that if they try to charge more, they’ll scare clients away and end up earning less. Listen to me carefully: that’s FALSE.


And if hitting the revenue goals you want currently feels impossible, this might be why...


You’re doing all the things, but not the most important thing

Your ability to sell your services and products is going to make or break your business. Because while you may have started your business because you’re passionate about it, you also need to turn that passion into revenue to ultimately succeed.


You’re stuck in the "comparison-itis" trap

Other people in your industry charge less than you. So what? Choosing to limit your own growth because they’re undervaluing themselves is going to keep you stuck at mediocre income levels and high stress levels. DON’T follow their lead.


You’re not making yourself a priority

You scroll through the social media feeds of other entrepreneurs and see them enjoying nice meals out, vacations abroad, and living the lifestyle you want. Truth bomb: you’ll never create that life for yourself if you keep running yourself into the ground.


You don’t have enough confidence

People ask you about your prices and suddenly your voice goes wobbly and high-pitched (or you have a coughing fit… or you delay answering the question...) You dread writing and submitting proposals. And you know potential buyers can sense it.


You don’t know where to start

You have great ideas, you’re clear on the services you want to sell… but you don’t have a clue how to package, price and sell everything effectively. You’re desperate to take action on your business, but first, you need a clear profit plan and sales strategy.


The ultimate membership site for entrepreneurs who are tired of scrambling and feeling penny-pinched, and ready to equip themselves with the know-how they need to make their big income goals HAPPEN.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Gluckow, Founder of Cash Flow to CEO.

I’m a sales expert with moxie, smarts, and a passion for helping entrepreneurs like you get the support and knowledge they need to see huge business success and live the lives they truly deserve.

When I’m not spoiling my cavalier puppies, attempting to imitate Serena Williams on the tennis court, or spending time with my fiancé, I’m sharing strategies for sales success with businesses worldwide, delivering keynote speeches, and dropping nuggets of sales gold from my book, Sales in a New York Minute.


But even though I’ve built a 6-figure business, am a best-selling author, and my podcast, Sell or Die, has over one million downloads…


After I left a career as a high-flying sales leader to launch my own business, I spent months running around New York City, coaching and giving talks to anyone who was interested.


I was commuting myself into an early grave because I was so insanely worried about cash flow and where my next customers would come from.


Fast forward 6 years, and I’ve created Cash Flow to CEO to save you the time and stress that I went through in those early days of building my business, and to give you a fast-track roadmap to sales and entrepreneurial success.


Because Cash Flow to CEO isn’t so much a membership site as it is an engaged support network where you’ll have access to personalized advice, in-depth trainings, round-the-clock community, and ME.

Right there.
At your back.
Willing you to succeed and
giving you all the strategies and tools you need to make it.


You master how to generate a consistently-high monthly income in your business,
so you can start rocking this entrepreneurship thang like a champ and have the money to do more things you love.

In  Cash Flow to CEO you'll get...


New content and trainings are added to Cash Flow to CEO every month and all content is structured around my 5 Pillars For Selling Success.

You’ll walk away with a bursting-to-the-brim toolkit that empowers you to sell with ease and turbocharge your business revenue, so high-ticket selling begins to feel simple and your worries about cash flow turn into a distant memory.


EXCLUSIVE BONUS: The CF2CEO Private Facebook group (a $600/year value)

This isn’t just another Facebook group.

This is a full-on community filled with other big-hearted action takers with serious entrepreneurial talent.

Whether your business is already bringing in well over six figures or is just a pipe dream at the moment, you’ll get to connect with others in a similar position to you, who are ready to give you the feedback, tips, and support you need to drive yourself forward.


PLUS, Monthly "Hot Seat" Calls With Me (a $12,000/year value)

Think of Cash Flow to CEO as the mastermind you always wanted to join but could never afford.

Because, yeah, masterminds are expensive. And so are private coaches. (I should know - I typically charge thousands of dollars for private coaching sessions!)

But when I created this community, I knew that I wanted to give my people regular one-on-one real talk and feedback to help them reach their income goals.

Because that’s WHY I’m running this membership site. To help people like you make the money you want without the blood, sweat and "I’m-so-exhausted" tears that come when you’re going it alone and trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Which is why a crucial part of Cash Flow to CEO involves you, me, and a small group of your fellow community members, live on a call, hashing out your problems and figuring out achievable solutions together to put you on the smoothest, straightest path to sales success.

Imagine your life with…


  • Way fewer hours spent trying to do it all in your business, so you can finally focus on the revenue-generating, meaningful work that’s aligned with your zone of genius
  • No more rollercoaster-ing emotions, feelings of inadequacy, or evenings sitting on the couch worrying about how you’ll make your next mortgage payment
  • More time for you, more time for your family, and more time spent doing something that lights you up inside and that pays you well
  • The peace-of-mind, strategies and confidence you need to put yourself out there and attract sales with ease, without it even feeling like work
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs and experts who are there to support and inspire you as you work towards smashing your income goals



  • Ready and excited to bring your big business and income goals to life
  • Eager to get personalized feedback to fast-track your path to success
  • Longing for more accountability and support in your entrepreneurial journey
  • Driven, ambitious, and know that you’re capable of great things, but just need a helping hand to smooth the process of getting there




  • Happy to keep spinning your wheels in the same place as you are now, not seeing any real changes in your income, business or life
  • Prepared to keep making excuses about why you’re putting off achieving the goals you most want to see happen
  • A “lone ranger” who doesn’t like being a part of a community or receiving expert advice
  • Unwilling to invest in your own future and skillset so you can be an inspiring provider for your family and yourself

The 60-day “No Questions Asked”
Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident in the value you’ll find in Cash Flow to CEO that I’m giving you a whole two months to try it out, risk-free. If, at the end of 60 days, you don’t feel as if you received value from the program, you can contact my team for a refund and receive one, no questions askedAnd if you want to cancel for any reason after that, you can do so at any time.




I hear you :-)

But Cash Flow to CEO isn't just another course that's going to sit unwatched on your hard drive. It’s also not a membership program that you might struggle to fit around your schedule or where a lot of the information isn’t actually relevant to your needs.

Instead, my mission is to provide you with round-the-clock value and support. You’ll be able to access and watch the new content and trainings (which will be designed and built around YOU, and what you say that you most need) whenever works for your schedule.

You'll also have consistent support and access to ME – with my high-level New York energy and years of selling and entrepreneurial expertise! – in our Facebook group and monthly hot seat calls.

Unlike many other programs, Cash Flow to CEO will give you community, accountability, and the step-by-step frameworks and knowledge you need to actually make the income goals you’ve been dreaming about a reality.

I’ll be brutally honest with you.

Cash Flow to CEO won’t get you the results you need if you’re not willing to put in a small chunk of time each day to implement the strategies we discuss, complete the monthly challenges we set in the Facebook group, watch the trainings, etc.

But if you’re a results-oriented action taker – which I believe you ARE – you’ll manage to find a way to set aside an extra 20 minutes of time in your day.

Because setting aside those 20 minutes each day will enable you to make the changes you need to finally leave behind your worries about cash flow, and become the confident CEO of a highly successful business (ultimately saving you oh-so-much time in the long run!)


If you’re an entrepreneur, you have to know how to sell in order for your business to succeed.

And funnily enough, some of the most talented people I know at generating sales are the ones who say “I hate selling.”

Although so many of us have an idea that “selling” involves being sleazy, aggressive or pushy, those beliefs couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, successful selling involves educating, informing, inspiring, and giving your customers tools that will actually help them.

Cash Flow to CEO will show you how to do that, in a way that comes to feel natural and that ultimately has big benefits for your bottom line.

I’m a huge believer in education – and I know that you are too.

In my view, when you fill your brain with knowledge, you fill your wallet with gold. (And helping people to educate themselves is why I wrote my book, Sales in A New York Minute, and am one of the hosts of the #2-rated Business podcast on Overcast, Sell or Die!)


… How many books have you already read?

… And how many podcasts have you already listened to, without having made the progress you want in your selling abilities and business revenue?

Sometimes, when it comes to setting priorities, having accountability around our goals, and getting the tools and knowledge we need to actually make those goals happen, we need HELP.

And that personalized help is exactly what you’ll be getting with the community, Facebook group support, and monthly hot seat calls in Cash Flow to CEO.

Cash Flow to CEO isn’t just for people with an existing business.

It’s for anyone who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, and who wants to equip themselves with the skills, strategies, and know-how they need to make their dream business a success from the start.

If you’re tired of feeling as if there’s a ceiling on your income and want to discover how you can boost your income quickly by creating a business of your own, this program’s for you -- no matter where you are in the process of starting that business.

Yes! This program doesn’t just offer a 7-day, 14-day, or 30-day guarantee.

We offer an entire SIXTY DAYS for you to try it out – and if you don’t feel as if you’ve received any value whatsoever after that, we’ll be happy to give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Plus, after the initial sixty-day period is up, if you ever decide that Cash Flow to CEO is no longer for you, you can easily cancel your subscription.

Ready to try it out risk-free for the insanely-low introductory price?


You decide “Meh, I’ll keep figuring this out by myself for now”, and continue to slog your way through all the free content you can find, piecing bits and pieces together and hoping it eventually turns into a cohesive strategy that helps you reach your income goals in the end. (But really - who knows? Nobody’s going to be there to advise you or give you a heads up when you’re going down the wrong route, and wasting your time and earnings potential...)

You decide that you’re ready to fast-track your way to heaps more income and profits, whip out your credit card, and for the price of one nice restaurant meal each month, launch yourself into the Cash Flow to CEO community. Then you start benefiting from hot-seat coaching, expert support, and exclusive trainings that would usually cost 100x the price when delivered to my private clients, and that will show you exactly how to make more money, fast.


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