With 7 powerful, actionable videos
from Jen Gluckow



Seven Videos that will give you a greater understanding of how sales are made and relationships are built in today's social world and face-to-face reality. Short, sweet, creative, ideas that inform, inspire, and provide a path to implement.


1. Attitude Achievement: The New AA

Without personal positive attitude achievement in all phases of career and life are limited. Jennifer gives you the easy to understand and implement 12-step program that put you on the positive path, and stay there.

2. Listening for People that Hate to Listen

Listening is the weakest known sales skill. Jennifer will give you insights to master this under-utilized power. How to get from what? To win!

3. Targeted Networking

Jennifer’s personal networking success strategy revealed. As a world-class, highly successful New York City networker and group leader, Jennifer will share her strategy for targeting people, making strategic connections, building relationships, earning referrals and capturing business. Lots of it.

4. LinkedIn Secrets For Attracting Business, Not Just People

Jennifer is a LinkedIn expert with thousands of followers. In this to-the-point video she gives you the little known actions to grow qualified connections and how to attract sales.

5. What to Do When...

A “what to do” guide when things go drastically wrong. This PG-13 video will make you laugh, and learn what to do when sh*t hits the fan. Wanna buy a vowel?

6. New York Sales Rules That Apply All Over the World

As a New York City native, Jennifer talks about sales and selling rules in NYC that apply to you. How to make sales faster and more profitably in a VERY competitive environment (like yours). Learn tips to help you incorporate “New York” into your business and your life, without any of the traffic or high cost of living.

7. The 21st Century A-B-C's of Selling

The days of always be “closing” the sale are over. Watch this video and learn how to close without being perceived as a closer. Always Be Curious, Considerate, and Cooperative.

8. BONUS VIDEO: Social Selling Defined

Social Selling is the new black, and most salespeople are not in fashion. Jen presents the strategic side of attraction, engagement and connection in social selling. EXACTLY what you need to do to get people eager to buy!

"Jennifer is the next big thing in sales and personal development. Jennifer inspires and transforms people in a way that they become better, more productive and happier."


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