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I teach online coaches, experts and digital ceos how to sell high ticket packages generating 5-10K extra a month...with consistency. Join me as I unlock my 3 part VIP (Very Important Profit) formula to generate consistent 10K months without spending thousands on ads or praying to the course gods that your course sells.

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About Me

Hey there, I'm Jen Gitomer, and I’m obsessed with helping passionate entrepreneurs like you make more money in their businesses.

After selling millions of dollars throughout my 15+ years career in sales, I know exactly what it takes to grow your business from “just barely surviving” to thriving. 

And one of the easiest ways to do that? VIP Experiences! 

Show me one successful entrepreneur who doesn’t work with their clients in some sort of immersive, high-ticket capacity. 

You can’t! And that’s because successful entrepreneurs know that the key to growing their business isn’t just relying on selling a course to a ton of people. It’s about providing deeper experiences for their audience that create immediate transformation — and instant revenue for their own business! 

VIP Experiences are the best way to connect with your audience, build authority, test your course idea in a quick, deep dive session, and make real money, real fast. 

So my only question is — are YOU ready to create money on-demand with a VIP Experience of your own? 

I thought so! Let’s do this!

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