What if you could easily create more income and impact in your business?

(and have fun doing it?!)

The Breakthrough Babe Mastermind

A year-long mastermind for online entrepreneurs who want an accelerated container to grow their business to multiple 6 figures.

Hell Yea, I Wanna Apply!
It’s time to ditch those solo, lonely entrepreneur vibes and join a group of fantastic freakin’ females who support each other to the core.

But Jen, “Going at it alone has worked this far!”

Girl, I hear you. I founded my business in 2013 and went at it alone for years. However, joining a mastermind became the driving force behind my massive success over the past couple of years. That is why I have created this group - to help women just like you grow their business to multiple 6 figures FAAAAST.

And after coaching many students this year, I realized that so many female entrepreneurs were craving connection with like-minded biz babes. Ladies who can’t wait to chat about that big idea they just got, brainstorm with someone else or share the joy in how they got their latest client.

Here’s the reality.

There are so many passionate entrepreneurs who are spinning their wheels…
  • They have a GREAT business idea and way to help others, but struggle to sell it
  • They’re try to do ALL THE THINGS themselves and then wondering why they’re feeling burnt out
  • Craving someone else they could share the inner details about their biz with
  • They wish they could access coaching when they need it and get unstuck FAST

Sound familiar?

Here’s the truth, my friend:

Masterminds can be extremely effective. But it’s not just about the leader of the group, it’s also about the members accepted into the group! It’s about the collective energy.

And the energy in this group is on-fire!!

Jen is the best sales coach you will ever meet in your life…

I’m not just talking about her great witty personality, her enthusiasm, her yes attitude, I'm talking about the results that Jen gets. When Jen first started coaching with me and my company, Flight Media, our sales were great, they were on a steady incline and it was going well. Then Jen and I met and in the first 3 months we were able to increase our service prices 70% and we were closing 3 times more business than we were prior to working with Jen. She is a phenomenal salesperson and she knows her stuff. Whatever button Jen has on her website to start working with her...click that button. Jen is gonna teach you everything you need to know about sales.

When you join the Breakthrough Babe Mastermind, you’ll meet the fastest way to generate massive income in your business.

It’s your year to accelerate your results. Imagine….

  • What it’s like to solve the exact problem you’ve been struggling with for months (or hell, years) in just 24 hours? Jen’s coaching (available as needed!) will help you breakthrough your obstacles.
  • Having a community of sisters who genuinely care about your results and your outcomes.
  • In-person (gasp, YES! in-person) connection again! We will have two 2-day events with guest experts that will catapult your growth
  • Monthly group coaching where you can get the help you need from a variety of perspectives
Jen’s style of teaching is so personable.

Aside from clearly being an expert in her field, Jen is wonderful and a pleasure to work with. She truly cares about her clients and helps in every way possible. I highly recommend Jen!


This is FOR YOU if…

This is NOT FOR YOU if…

  • You’re a high vibe entrepreneur with a positive, YES! Attitude
  • You’re looking to grow to multiple 6-figures (or more!) this year
  • You’re a high performing woman who thrives off of being surrounded by other high performing women
  • You’re tired of waiting to create connection and sisterhood some day - you’re ready to commit to creating it right now
  • You’re looking for a supportive community that will help you streamline your business, talk through new ideas, and help you avoid mistakes others may have made.
  • You embrace spiritual and mindset strategies and know they are the foundation to your growth and success


  • You have a bad attitude or like to complain and make excuses 
  • You’re trying to figure out your expertise 
  • You’re the kinda person who already knows everything (aka not coachable) 
  • You’re excited to say “you’ve been there, done that, and joined the mastermind”, but not willing to commit and collaborate. 
  • Woo? No woo for you.
By applying Jen’s strategies I convinced both clients to finally move forward with the orders and closed approximately $30,000 in business!

The Breakthrough Babe Mastermind

What’s Included:

  • A 12 month container with Jen Gitomer and fellow high-performing, high vibe achievers
  • Two 2-day in-person mastermind events (*travel not included in mastermind fee)
  • 12 Group coaching Hot Seat calls (1 per month) with Jen Gitomer
  • All Access to Jen’s courses and programs
  • An intimate community online with your fellow sisters - a safe space to stay connected in between calls and events.
  • Voxer Access & Year-long Coaching from Jen: Have an issue? A question? Feel stuck? Send Jen a message and she’ll respond within 24 hours. If you need to hop on a zoom call we will set one up.
Hell Yea, I Wanna Apply!